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Fred Richards Someone else needs to say something about Kubernetes here. Even if it is just "Kubernetes was here". There, I said it.
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💬 Subreply Support for IPv6 and HTTP/2 is planned.
Martijn My VPN decided to die on me. Not even hitting 1 Mbps. This is definitely not what I'm paying them for.
Fred Richards These days there are a ton of different options. I really like tailscale, or zerotier. Tailscale uses wireguard, some very interesting technology.
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Fred Richards Let's take a moment to talk about the new ideas behind password-less logins, ie FIDO2/WebAuthn. Do you really think the average user is ready, or willing to give up passwords?
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Trejrco Obligatory first post, trying to figure out what to do next. Also, still no IPv6 support here?
Fred Richards you could add cloudflare cdn (if you're not already using a cdn) and add ipv6 support automatically. :)
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Mark Dain OS X, iOS and Linux. Ideally I'd get OpenVPN for my computers and IPSec for my iPhone (I think that's the strongest that's supported).
Fred Richards That's definitely a good policy. I have an entire lab set up, including the OpenVPN based vpn. Right now I use it solely for remote access to the lab if I'm ever out of my home office. It's based off of pritunl, I like the interface and the fact that it stores everything in a mongodb database. There are a small handful things I don't like about it. Ultimately any OpenVPN client would work. See, you have me thinking about how to implement ipsec into the whole mix. :)
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Fred Richards If the CEO's name was Aaron or Edward, he'd be looking at quite a bit of prison time.
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Martijn "Who let me adult? I can't adult."
Fred Richards They say the first 40 years of childhood are the hardest.
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Mark Dain I haven't had time honestly, who would you reccomend?
Fred Richards There are a lot of good ones out there. What OS do you run on your desktop? Honestly, I was considering running my own service on resources I have. There's also freebie ones out there, like vpngate, but they're more like a research experiment and the endpoints can come and go. I like any ones based on OpenVPN because then you get cross-platform functionality, use it on your phone, tablet, desktop, and every OS.
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Anatasof Wirapraja Anyone can give me a damn good vpn service?
Fred Richards What do you need it for? Just curious.
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Mark Dain I never thought of it that way. I may look into getting a VPN then. I was thinking of hosting stuff at my house (e.g. CalDAV) so I'd VPN back to my house to use the server on the LAN, it's kinda the other way around but I suppose VPN'ing out of the network has benefits too.
Fred Richards Are there certain ones you like or have been looking at?
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Fred Richards Hello, World! :)
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