Sergiusz This place is like those ancient messages from the Talos Principle: simple, vivid thoughts; shadows of souls.
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💻 Kernel I attempted a project a few months ago where I tried to recreate the talks with Milton by parsing the script from the game files. Maybe some better programmer than me can succeed in this task?
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Sergiusz I am thinking about it for some time now
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🍵 Neo There are still some active people right? It feels like a nice little community. I see some accounts that have joined this platform five years ago. I didn't know that subreply has existed for that long...
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Sergiusz From time to time there are some sparks of activity. It feels a little bit like an old Usenet. Before Subreply was Subreply it was called Subpost or something like that. is the Architect.
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☃️ Nick Frost Yep, I was on here 5 years ago. Forgot about it, but glad to be back on.
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