😷 Everett Just popped in here for the first time in a couple of months. What is this I don't even
Mark Dain Welcome back! Lucian changed the design a few days ago
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John Olinda Textbooks should just come with a QR code instead of a CD in the back. Less plastic wasted. Of course then you have to maintain a URL for the files, but that will last at least as long as CD drives.
😷 Everett I'm surprised to hear they still using CDs. There's something so 20th century about *giving* you content you've paid for to use perpetually, not making you rent it.
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Mark Dain Sync is really awful software, I've lost so many files and everyone I know has had corrupt files / lost work using it. On top of that it's not open source (so no chance of writing a version that's not buggy as shit) and now they want to charge money for P2P functionality (e.g. Unlimited folders)? No way.
😷 Everett Have you used Owncloud? Not saying it isn't buggy or has the best UI, but it checks the open source/self-hosted box.
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😀 Tom An "up to" 18 hour battery, and twice as expensive? No thanks, I'll stick with getting the Pebble Time Steel with it's 10 day battery and always on color display.
😷 Everett Yep, this. While I still can't see myself with a smartwatch -- I wear a watch daily and smartwatches as a category mostly disinterest me -- the Pebble line is the only one that's kind of tempting.
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Martijn It's archives all the way down, archiveteam.org/in...
😷 Everett INTERN~1.BAK
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Martijn How you know Android has an update problem: well-respected tech website reviewing a new Samsung phone writes it runs the 'dependable' Android KitKat. All the while Google is saying Android Lollipop has reached 'general availability'.
😷 Everett Focus group of one here, but I've held off on updating my Nexus 5 to Lollipop. I've experienced Lollipop's UI changes on a couple of other devices, and I'm extremely hesitant to update my 'daily driver' device. I suppose I'll eventually have to update, but I'm in no rush. As someone who knows his Android, I would absolutely describe Kitkat as "dependable." That may not be what the reviewer meant when using that term, but it rings true to me.
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Simon Janes "The Inhabited Island has been removed from your Queue. We no longer offer this movie for rental. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you find many other movies to enjoy at Netflix."
😷 Everett While that one is indeed gone, it's worth checking to make sure they've really removed it. I recently received that message in error for a different movie; I just had to find the movie and re-add it to my queue.
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Eric Are there many on Sublevel?
😷 Everett Of a sort, yes.
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Bruce Webster OK... I guess. It works but that seems fairly non-intuitive (just one guy's opinion). I don't want to reply (yet). I just want to read the rest of the post. Clicking the ellipses seems more straightforward imho.
😷 Everett I'm with you on this.
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😷 Everett Not right now.
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