Dave Walk Black Mirror is kind of blowing my mind right now. Each episode shows an absurd future that is frightenly plausible.
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Mark Myerson Ever since I watched the first series go out live here in the UK, I have told everyone I know to watch it. Great stories that paint pictures of a future we must avoid.
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Simon Janes There's a Christmas special airing Dec 18th. I'm sure it will be as messed up (good) as the prior. Charlie Booker is whack. :)
9y, 11w 1 reply
Dave Walk He's a guy that I want to investigate more. It seems like "15 Million Merits" is actually about him.
9y, 11w reply
Eric Which series?
9y, 12w 5 replies
Dave Walk "Black Mirror" on BBC. There are two seasons of three episodes each.
9y, 12w 4 replies
Josh Sharp It's so good.
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