Diva Gorgeous weather this morning! A nice walk in the park, where the leaves are turning from green to red, gold and brown. Any other Autumn/Fall fans here?
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🗨️ Fui I somewhat miss having seasons. All of the are special in their own unique ways, for what makes them so unique is how they follow one another. That becomes very clear once you only have one season all around the year.
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🧐 Nrmn where are you?
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Diva I would miss seasons. I agree that each one has unique qualities. I look forward to the changes and the inevitability of it all. Whether it is the way that the leaves turn brown, and then eventually leave the trees bare; or seasonal fruit and vegetables; I love it.
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😀 Tom Fall is my favorite season, however it doesn't start for at least another month and a half where I am.
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