Diva My vitamin D levels are low, according to my doctor; but surely this is understandable given I have been mostly stuck inside my house since mid-March, shielding with my parents because of the lockdown?!
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👨🏻‍💻 Moroni You need social distance from other people, not from the Sun. Get out and play! :)
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Diva LOL! I agree
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Yggqa Have sun and eat fish, cheers!
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Burensasub Mmmmm....I'm hungry for fish now
2y, 42w reply
Diva YES! We had sardines for lunch yesterday and sea bream for dinner today. Do you like fish? What's your favourite?
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😏 Yt L. Uh oh. I believe vitamin D deficiency is is a risk factor for covid. Have you tried taking a vitamin D supplement? I take one daily.
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Burensasub We have some but I need to remember to be more consistent in taking them
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Diva I've just started with some supplements! I didn't know about the covid angle...
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Burensasub My husband keeps telling me I need to go outside more to get more sun and therefore vitamin D. I thought perhaps he worried too much but perhaps I should take his advice more seriously
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Diva YES! You should. The supplements that I have to take are huge...
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