it means more powerful computers are coming
I have Glorious Pandas being prepped for placement in a GMMK Pro that is yet to arrive. I also backed the Epomaker AK84 on Kickstarter. I would love a split ergo keeb but none really tickle my fancy at an acceptable price.
I have four or five mechanical keyboards. My favorite:
Perhaps the wise, in larger number than we imagine, are keeping silent.
Too bad it isn't impossible. All SEO does is game search engines. Sites that use SEO benefit at the expense of everybody using the web.
What plans do you have for the weekend?
Are you a youtuber and you have more views to subscriber, this is how to correct the mistake you are making
Watch random youtube videos.
I would overengineer it ridiciously and farm Chia, for now ;) Can serve as a file dump afterwards anyway
Is subreply active?
I'm hosting the MonoGameJam3 in June
Absolutely wonderful in its simplicity
Twitter is under attack. Subreply works fine ;)
Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc), personal website,, Hacker News, Teddit, and some others. I'd say that arbitrary key-value fields on profiles would be better; one column can be the name of the platform while the other an be a URL, similar to what most Fediverse sites do.