I wonder if 'result-squatting' is a thing, a la domain-squatting, where you publish a paper on a trivial result to accumulate citations
I don't think so. We probably have to contact about it.
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If there isn't they've really gotta add one
Is there an option here to delete an account?
grr... It sucks when you want to sign up with a fairly-unique username on reddit, only to discover it was already registered 9 years ago, and has never been used.
running an entire data center to mine cryptocurrencies should be an environmental crime. If a rule like that were enforced globally, people would eventually innovate and come up with a "green" bitcoin.
Tesla owns some Bitcoin. Whenever Bitcoin goes up or down in value Tesla's asset value goes up or down. Part of Tesla's valuation is it's assets. Bitcoin's price should have a "slight" impact on Tesla's price. Tesla is part of the S and P 500. Bitcoin's price now has very small impact on the overall S & P 500...
I currently use Rofi and love it, but maybe check out ulauncher.io if you're looking for alternatives.
Actually using Albert or rofi on Linux (X11) as application launcher, do you have any other recommendation ?
If this is to last, I'm relocating now ;)
work / life balance is a sham.
There surely is a risk of misuses in the future, unfortunately. Just like deepfakes. And this one is really impressive, I can see that being utilized especially in TV shows (and surely commercials). But that's the thing, you want to see used but at the same time you know that means opening the doors to potential dangerous misuses of it...
Just ride it out and try to psych yourself back up
Start working as a physicist in a R&D company just to write a Django app +_+
In France, since 1905, we have a strong secularism (french secularism). Step by step people lost faith. But since twenty years, there is a revival, especially worn by the Muslim community. The new fashionable term is spirituality, not really faith but believe in some spirit, theism or pantheism. French people reject mainly the Church as an institution not religion
It's more obvious for those of us that were there before the site's design changes I guess. We used to be able to read the reply with it's parent. Now the parent is collapsed.
haha I get that question a ton. my thumb does not reach very far across my hand - when I signal a '4', my thumb barely reaches the gap between my pinky and ring finger. This means for larger phones I can't reach the top left of the screen without maneuvering the phone in a way that increases the likelihood of me dropping my phone :confused_face:
3 to 4 days a week. give or take along with lobste.rs and hackernews
How do you deal with loss of motivation?