I redesigned my website. I moved the good notes to Pinboard. Installed Pinkt on my Android phone. I like the no comment social aspect of it.
"Being dead is like being stupid, it is only painful to others" -- Ricky Gervais
You're welcome! Not all of the shorts are good there of course but once in a while, a gem appears... It's a pity Oats Studios don't do more stuff also. On that note, Neil Blomkamp confirmed he is doing District 10. Hope it will be as good as District 9...
It makes you think to the lost paradise...
even at the time we considered ourselves to be 'happy', we may still have been reminiscing about how we were even happier in the past
This "Dust" channel is amazing. Thank you !
Forgiveness is greater than.
I'm hard pressed to think of a feature that LinkedIn has that is desirable at all besides it's graph, can you elaborate?
some find them too "scratchy", I can get that point, but I never used lubed switches yet and I must say I'm pretty afraid to try, I fear to not be consistent on all my switches...
Thanks! I watched it and it looked great and interesting.
What are the chances of receiving a replacement for a broken item to also be broken?
I use a PiHole to block not only ads, but Reddit, HN, Youtube, FB, IG, etc. when I need an internet break.