☕ David Antoine Short VFX breakdown, facial rendering (mid 2015). There is still that uncanny valley making it look artificial but it's pretty impressive. I wonder if and when will they reach that point where we won't be able to differentiate between a CGI character and a real human... youtube.com/watch?...
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😀 Tom Pretty good. Yeah, we'll probably get to that point pretty soon. In this veraion, I could tell be the facial and body movements that they weren't natural.
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☕ David Antoine Yes it's not perfect, the more "she" moves, the more your spot the CGI... But pretty good indeed...
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Mark Dain Holy hell if this is the future of graphics... I can barely tell she's not real! Imagine a day where characters in games or movies can be created exactly how someone imagines. I've also seen some leaps (of a sort) in speech synthesis: youtube.com/watch?... combine these two and Skyrim would have a field day.
☕ David Antoine And that VFX tech is nearly 2 years old... I guess they will inevitably make that looking 100% real in the (near ?) future. I'm just not sure what will be the balance between good and bad applications, like every tech... But I would not mind to see that used for games. And Realivox is impressive too !
😀 Tom Just imagine someone doing that with normal speech, and your voice. What about the President's/Prime Minister's/King's/etc voice? "Fake News" is going to be a lot more worrisome in the future. Combine that with facial rendering, and you could easily have a convincing video of a world leader announcing that aliens have landed.