☕ David Antoine Short VFX breakdown, facial rendering (mid 2015). There is still that uncanny valley making it look artificial but it's pretty impressive. I wonder if and when will they reach that point where we won't be able to differentiate between a CGI character and a real human... youtube.com/watch?...
Mark Dain Holy hell if this is the future of graphics... I can barely tell she's not real! Imagine a day where characters in games or movies can be created exactly how someone imagines. I've also seen some leaps (of a sort) in speech synthesis: youtube.com/watch?... combine these two and Skyrim would have a field day.
☕ David Antoine And that VFX tech is nearly 2 years old... I guess they will inevitably make that looking 100% real in the (near ?) future. I'm just not sure what will be the balance between good and bad applications, like every tech... But I would not mind to see that used for games. And Realivox is impressive too !
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Mark Dain I was thinking this today after watching an incredible talk; youtube.com/watch?... if we made flawless software that had no security holes and had foolproof privacy, law enforcement would never have stopped that child porn website. Technology can be used for bad, disgusting things but we should continue working on censorship and surveillance resistant software, for the sake of people in oppressive regimes, for the future Snowdens, for journalists; all people with good reasons to use strong encryption. Unfortunately, public infrastructure is also used by criminals and I don't know of any way to prevent that.
☕ David Antoine Very interesting talk ! This "duality" between good and bad use of tech and the ethic repercussions of that debate will probably never end and that's maybe a good think, because it forces us to stay awake on that matter I think. But the tech involved is impressive, great talk. Maybe international hacking should be allowed only for chid porn and sex trafficking which is certainly the most disgusting crime. But how we do that, how to coordinate it between countries ? Using pre-existing bodies like the U.N. or Interpol ? I don't know. There is always the risk of that being used again for censorship and surveillance. Complex stuff...
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