🏛️ Brandon Pittman I was wondering why I stopped watching pro wrestling and it finally dawned on me that I stopped right around the time I got my first girlfriend.
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Miso Haha you should definitely go back to watching it!
3y, 38w reply
🥝 Mr I stopped playing video games for a couple years, sometimes it's just a phase. You don't have to love something forever to love it at all.
3y, 38w 3 replies
🏛️ Brandon Pittman I kinda got back into retro wrestling. Tried watching new stuff but it wasn't the same. Lapsed out of gaming for a bit too but came back to it.
3y, 38w 2 replies
🥨 Shruthi did knowing the games were fixed not do it for ya?
3y, 38w 4 replies
🏛️ Brandon Pittman Does the action in movies being scripted make them less enjoyable for you?
3y, 38w 3 replies
🗨️ Fui Correlation is not causation! (But you're probably right -- having a life moves you away from adolescent fantasies of power)
3y, 38w reply