Anatasof Wirapraja Been using sublime text for years and heard about visual code for a couple months any of you guys tried it and could give me some review?
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John Olinda Testing it now actually, I what I see so far. Doesn't give feedback when git push doesn't work though, just keeps trying, which is irritating.
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Mark Dain Do you mean Visual Studio? I used it back around 2008 but only for C#. From what I can remember it was very good for .NET but web development was too ASP orientated so I used Notepad++ for that.
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🦿 Lucian Marin He's reffering to Visual Studio Code ( which wasn't updated since release. Oh wait... there's an update on the site, but v0.1.0 say there aren't any updates available.
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Anatasof Wirapraja So you use notepad++ as your preferred code editor until now?
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