🕊️ Adam Siwiec I am 19. Stanford CS student. What should I build?
⚪ Ghostis A few things that generate moderate amounts of consistent income. Life saver if your job goes sideways.
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🕊️ Adam Siwiec Do you have any personal examples? I find thinking of revenue producing idea difficult because I try to be a frugal person.
2y, 10w 7 replies
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🤔 David Since you mentioned that you are frugal I'll say that there are plenty of cheap hosting services available online. If you're interested in a lengthy discussion visit my profile/website and contact me via email; I'd be happy to provide a long-form list of resources.
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🐙 Danny Please, share the list of cheap hosting services
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🌌 Tom building it is the easy part. coming up with original ideas is what will make you money
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