🕊️ Adam Siwiec I am 19. Stanford CS student. What should I build?
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🦄 Chip Uni You should build things that make you happy. Failing that, you should build things that make other people happy. Good luck!
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Jesse Briggs Build a zapier/ ifttt competitor that doesn't suck and makes web flows easy.
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Cole Hudson If you're unsure what to build, you should go work on someone else's thing for a while. That'll give you lots of ideas and experience in seeing them through
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⚪ Ghostis A few things that generate moderate amounts of consistent income. Life saver if your job goes sideways.
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🕊️ Adam Siwiec Do you have any personal examples? I find thinking of revenue producing idea difficult because I try to be a frugal person.
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🎯 Gallium Oxide subreply, but only for videos
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Charlie Coppinger This already exists - www.indielog.com
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⌨️ Joseph So vine? Haha.
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