Mark Dain Why is it so hard to figure out who you want to be?
😀 Tom I know who I want to be, the harder thing for me is to figure what I want to do. So many options, and not enough lifetimes to live all of my dreams.
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Mark Dain I don't know who I should be or what I should do (they're very similar to me). I feel quite depressed as yet again I'm questioning all the things I want from life. Why can't I ever make up my mind?
7y, 51w 2 replies
😀 Tom Life is dynamic. It doesn't follow plans. When one door closes, another opens (you just have to put yourself out there and keep both eyes open to see it). Don't let depression fester. It sucks, but it always gets better (some cases may take longer than other cases). If it's serious (affecting day-to-day activities), seek help. Every time I didn't get a job I thought I wanted, something better always came along. You have to keep your eyes open though, and keep going forward.
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