Mark Dain Why is it so hard to figure out who you want to be?
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🦿 Lucian Marin Because you're focusing on your wants which are limitless. Chasing unlimited desires causes pain. Instead focus on your needs. They are very few. I never wanted to create a social network, but I needed a communication channel with the entire world. That's how Sublevel came to be. This is just one example, but I use this method for other personal stuff. It helps getting rid of things that later I won't want or desire.
Mark Dain This might sound stupid but how do I tell what my needs are?
😀 Tom I know who I want to be, the harder thing for me is to figure what I want to do. So many options, and not enough lifetimes to live all of my dreams.
Mark Dain I don't know who I should be or what I should do (they're very similar to me). I feel quite depressed as yet again I'm questioning all the things I want from life. Why can't I ever make up my mind?