Likes final stops. Or even semicolons. Removes ands, nows, and wells. English & Portuguese. in Brazil
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Drama, drama. Everybody's a drama queen. The 21st Century will be known as the Era of Emotion.
Ah, the uncertainties of social interaction! If only in life it were but a fraction!
Merry Christmas to all!
Merry Christmas to you!
Merry Christmas!
Was going to post a few lines of verse, but the CMD-enter doesn't do you a soft return. :(
Just set up 2021 monthly themes for next year's magazine.
Great meal this evening, even if we're not in the US.
I'm surprised I'm still logged in, it's been a few minutes since I was here.
I'm surprised I'm still logged in, after being gone for so long. Wassup?
Have gone back more to posting to my own little microblog site. For all the positives I may find here or there, there's nothing like having control of your own data. (Is there an export option on #subreply?)
Yeah. It's very liberating to have control over our data. I'm a bit of school on that regard. I prize having everything (significant) local. Our data, our rules!
You think most people like something visual rather than reading words? A sign of the times maybe?
Evidently, people prefer visual, but I miss the early days of Twitter--brief, text-only posts.
Out most of the afternoon. Behind in work. Catching up a bit before bedtime.
Wassup? Long time no visit here. This past week was not productive. Patience!
Welcome back! Patience as well as taking it easy on oneself at least once in a while
Better to have a non productive week than a non productive life. :Sobs
Nice recipe to have crunchy okra without frying. It's a keeper.
Hard time focusing today. Do I count it as a loss?
Depends. Any particular reason for the lack of focus? If yes, it's a win -- now you know why it doesn't work. If not, well, it happens. Take the loss with a smile, as it is what it is.
Sometime down days are good.. At least that is what I keep telling myself to justify today.. lol
One of my favorite little social media sites has been offline today. And my sites are off and on. Is the internet going goofy?
It's been alright on my side! What's that little social media sites you are talking about?
Reprinted book back from the printer looks better than the first run. Very pleased!