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🏒 Lucian Marin This upcoming Monday is a work-free day here. Imagine that.
‼ Rob Gough Nice, we've burnt through most of "bank holiday Monday's" here in England ... though we've got one in August. 4 Day weeks are far superior to this 5 day nonsense!
‼ Rob Gough Today's thought is mostly thank-fuck-it's-friday
🏒 Lucian Marin This upcoming Monday is a work-free day here. Imagine that.
👂 Sly What is your note taking method/workflow ? And what tools do you use ?
‼ Rob Gough I use a simple plain text (markdown!) file, and a set of "personal rules" to create my equivalent of a bullet journal. I used to have a file per week (and have been doing this for years, so it's neat to go and look back through history) -- but I've just switched to a file-per-day system instead, with a few handy terminal functions/aliases for when I type things like "today" "tomorrow" "yesterday" "next week" to auto generate the file and/or open it in vim.
😏 Yt L. Nice! I'm thinking of taking some funemployment myself. I want to take a break from work and feel like I need it before having kids, because it would be irresponsible after.
‼ Rob Gough Mine wasn't so much my choice, though I could have "just found something" sooner. Truth is, I think it's really quite healthy and wish it was more of an option for people. If you can, I recommend it. Though when you know you've something lined up afterwards, that can definitely help you enjoy it more.
🧉 Martin High-five to a fellow funemployment member. The site (assuming it's the current one) looks nicely minimal, nice work.
‼ Rob Gough it is, thanks! Even has a dark mode, I'm was feeling very fancy. I gave up trying to pick a colour scheme, and then realised I was very picky about my terminal/vim theme so decided to repurpose gruvbox to my needs. A designer friend described it as "looking like it was made by a developer" which in this case I'm taking as a complement, whether he meant it as one or not!
🧉 Martin So, what's everyone up to today? In my remaining few months of "funemployment", I'm working on a language-learning app idea and hoping to get something out there before I run out of time.
‼ Rob Gough Polishing up my new personal site that I'd put off building for many years! Then I've a few other ideas to try and get done before the end of funemployment!
🦄 Chip Uni Hey, subreply folk -- what resources do you use most to keep up with coronavirus information?
‼ Rob Gough I've stopped _trying_ to keep up, if there's major enough news I'll get it via push notification (uk, BBC News & Guardian) or it'll bubble up onto my twitter
‼ Rob Gough So, new here as part of the hn wave - who should I be following?
🐟 Jesse Sibley You can follow me, Rob