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📷 |\/| So, there's a carry-on luggage bubble?
📷 |\/| Went on recently. Simultaneously very quiet and noisy.
🦿 Lucian Marin I just deleted Mastodon. Everyone who posted there is already active on Threads.
📷 |\/| Assume Nothing & Communicate Everything.
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📷 |\/| Whoa got some major updates!
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📷 |\/| listening to while contemplating on when my number will be called.
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📷 |\/| Just saw that my phone OS now has a Battery Protect feature. So, this means I now have an 85% charge ceiling. Hehe.
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📷 |\/| thought season1 of was dope!
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📷 |\/| Ultimately had to remove Obsidian because they charge for Sync services. I suddenly remember SugarSync and how I left them because they started charging. Long live SkyDrive! Back to Resophnotes then.
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📷 |\/| Raining hard while the sun is shining
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📷 |\/| What are the chances of receiving a replacement for a broken item to also be broken?
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🦿 Lucian Marin I want to get the Pixel 5 but it costs an 🦾 and a 🦿 for the specs.
📷 |\/| Yup it's up there somewhere for sure :D
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📷 |\/| Recent device change note: still stuck with the droid.
🦿 Lucian Marin I want to get the Pixel 5 but it costs an 🦾 and a 🦿 for the specs.
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📷 |\/| Amazed by the vibes of this band called Molchat Doma
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🐵 Max Got a new sport watch. I will test it during swimming this evening but meanwhile I'm fascinated by the heart rate monitor.
📷 |\/| Good that they let you out during this unprecedented time. stay safe though!
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📷 |\/| I've dabbled a bit on streaming while I play an old FPS game.
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📷 |\/| Oh wow. Hello subreply world. From to superthread then and now subreply!
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Burensasub Hi! Welcome back! Amazing that it's still going!
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