Jimmy Lee the fact that I can't post (or find how to post) from my profile is not fun. Any reason for that?
💬 Subreply Now you can do that easily.
8y, 13w 1 reply
Jimmy Lee minus some of the bugs I've experienced, if this gets some polish, I could stick around.
8y, 25w reply ¬
Jimmy Lee But I'm going to make a serious effort to come back. Would be nice to have a mobile app (said everyone ever, I'm sorry lol)
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Jimmy Lee I really like sublevel, I just don't have enough friends & professional peers to remind myself to come back.
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💬 Subreply Why not make some new friends?
8y, 25w reply
The Cat The Cat is here to save the day
Jimmy Lee get out of my computer
8y, 33w 1 reply
🏒 Lucian Marin Why Sublevel? The project specs and stuff like that.
Jimmy Lee Dude this is awesome
8y, 33w reply
🏀 Air Bud I want this to become my professional network, I'm going to go delete my LinkedIn right now
Jimmy Lee If they implemented a resume section it would replace linkedin completely
8y, 33w 2 replies
💬 Subreply Sublevel promotes all summer long.
Jimmy Lee Very rad!
8y, 33w reply
Jimmy Lee I think the way does advertisements is rad.
8y, 33w reply ¬
The Cat To listen to the
Jimmy Lee Cats important
8y, 33w 1 reply
Jimmy Lee Why make the input section so small?
8y, 33w reply ¬
The Cat The cat is fun
Jimmy Lee I think cats are fun
8y, 33w 1 reply
Guillaume u r fun
8y, 33w reply
Nzk0 I like the design. How do you interact with other users though?
Jimmy Lee I think its not really clear how to reply when a post already has replies :(
8y, 33w reply
💬 Subreply We're back to old school Sublevel where anyone can reply to anyone at any level.
Jimmy Lee I do find this really fun.
8y, 33w reply
Starrychloe What problem does SubLevel solve? Why use it over Reddit or or Hubski or Facebook?
Jimmy Lee I actually like this format a lot more than what I see on Twitter, so maybe there's opportunity in this space for good UX/UI
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