Martijn Back from a week vacation, back to 15 app updates on my phone and an OS X update on my MacBook. I also noticed everyone discussing the new, but what about the 'over 300 new Emoji characters'!? The interface for using them (ctrl+cmd+space) also seems to have gotten a make-over.
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Mark Dain It's kinda cool, there's new multicultural emoji and new flags. Not sure how it'll display on people without iOS 8.3? ,
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Martijn Screenshot Android Lollipop:
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Eric Android 4 Chrome it has really bad emojii support.
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John Olinda Ha! I'd somehow missed out on the keyboard shortcut for symbols and emoji, thanks for pointing that out! That'll be a huge help .
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Martijn And don't let the overview that pops-up fool you: scroll up to see the search box to find any supported Unicode character you might want. E.g. write 'ij' to find the 'LATIN SMALL LIGATURE IJ' and write my name in a fancy way: Martijn.
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