🏒 Lucian Marin Apple seems to have turned the Touch ID button into an OLED screen for iPhone 8 based on latest rumors (bgr.com/2017/05/16...). I really like this idea. An alway-on round screen would be useful for notifications, clock, fitness tracking or endless other functions.
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☕ David Antoine The fingerprint scanner will eventually be placed on the back of the phone if they can't embed it under the screen... We will see, but I'm more curious about the next Apple watch, especially if it is capable of measuring blood sugar levels, according to some reports/rumors. This could be a big selling point as well as being very useful for diabetics I guess, if done right of course.
Lois i would just like an apple watch that i could use without an iphone. i don't mind talking to my wrist like a crazy person if i could stop carrying this phone everywhere
🤔 John I'm really curious to see what FitBit comes up with for a smartwatch after buying Pebble and a couple other startups.