Sarcastic. Sing in the car. Love chucks and Wayfarers. I design things.
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Kyle Conrad Hi internet, I made something for you using the Marvel API and MeteorJS. It's about the X-Men.
Eric agh, my phone! Will maps by browser ever grow less heavy?
Pan cant fix stupid :)
Kyle Conrad I mean, I guess if "stupid" means making an incredible game that is a joy to play and behold (for both of them), sure. Nothing wrong with being stupid then.
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Pan sublevelers, what do you think about the mojang sale? I think its pretty comical that notch is the new phil fish. after harrassing young kid server owners, now he sees the consequences
Kyle Conrad I look at "the new phil fish" as a huge compliment, not as something comical.
Mark Dain Except that it doesn't come with a keyboard (it's sold separately).
Kyle Conrad Valid point! Maybe it's more of an apt comparison because it runs normal desktop/laptop/whatever apps, so the comparison is more in that department? (Personally I'd love to try out the Photoshop they built out for the Surface sometime.)
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Mark Dain I still find much of Microsoft's advertising to be obnoxious. For instance, they recently compared the Surface Pro to the MacBook Air. I'm not even sure how they get off on comparing a tablet to a laptop? Still, the IE 9 advert introduced me to Alex Clare's great music so I can't be completely mad at them.
Kyle Conrad Considering the Surface Pro is essentially an ultrabook in a tablet form, I think it makes perfect sense to compare the two.
Kyle Conrad Hey, I forgot I did this! Do I do it more? Am I doing it right? What am I even doing?
👽 Lucian Marin You're here. That's all that matters.
Kyle Conrad I have no idea what this is.
🏀 Air Bud we don't know either.