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Anyone use Svelte after coming from another JS framework? What are your thoughts on it? It does seem to produce the tiniest bundles AND provide better performance than React & most other JS libraries. I guess if you can get over its initial weirdness and DSL, it seems like the obvious choice.
I've been playing around with svelte for my personal website. I think that it's great for small applications.
Is adblock stealing? Do you use adblock? Why? Sure, advertisers don't have the right to your attention, but don't the content creators have the right to your financial support?
They have the right to financial support but they don't have the right to rip me off my privacy.
For me it's not stealing if you support in an other way, also adtech is toxic for the web..
I not only use it, I find absolutely necessary for my overall well being. For me, treating this as an ethical dilemma is just another clever trick by advertisers to manipulate our emotions. So they want us to think we're doing wrong by not being exposed to not only unwanted but sometimes really unhealthy information? My mental health is of utmost importance. And if I truly need something, I'll go looking for it. Otherwise, no, they have no right to my attention.
The way I see it is that we don't have a say on what we want to share and what we want to keep to ourselves. Ad providers are invasive tracking machines. The only option we have is to block them, there is no middle ground. And looking at the content creator side, I bet most of them are also not happy to be dependent on ads to be financially sound. Unfortunately, they also have their hands tied and don't have many viable alternatives.
I never agreed to terms with random websites which stipulates that I must view their ads to view their content. So no, it's not stealing. Websites can detect ad block in most cases and will block content if they feel strongly about it. Ultimately, the widespread use of ad block should indicate that customers don't like it, and it would be in everyone's best interest to find another way.
Agree with you. I've stopped using an adblocker, I pay for the press I read (which is a large part of my web consumption) and watch YouTube ads (even though I complain about it). Living in Europe I can generally disable cookies so I'm not concerned about privacy. I don't understand people who want a free *and* ad free web. I'm glad you started this thread but we are a minority.
I actually stopped reading the news and watching TV because of ads (And because it is always biased), i don't want to be advertised some bullshit that i don't need. If i need something, i will look and search for it, i never bought something because i saw an ad about it. Ads are annoying and don't provide any value to my life, they just make my web browsing experience a nightmare. If the content is worth it, put a paywall or setup a Patreon account, nothing wrong with that.
Adblock is not stealing anything, it is just rehashing what's been sent to your computer for free. You're not implicitly signing any contract or accepting a terms of use when you access a web link. Adblock is not hacking into a company's servers to give you ad-free content. It may be harsh, but unless you've signed a contract or hold intellectual property you don't have the right to compensation for anything. So it may be immoral, but it should not be illegal to use adblock.
Pi-hole, Google search filter, uBlock, ... all of that let me free from ads (not at all). Ad is a problem because it make us like sheeps. Ethical ad is a non sense to me. In France, a lot of new internet newspapers works without advertising (subcriptions only). I think the problem is not ad but services without charge. I know a lot of people can't pay but it's part of the problem
I think Chroma Key's music has aged much better than Dream Theater's. This was such a great electronic/trip-hop album: youtu.be/XKhRVfGyDBk
are there any third-party applications for debugging server-side node applications BESIDES VSCode and the built-in Chrome debugger? I use Sublime Text, and the Chrome debugger is a bit cumbersome to use with nodemon.
what are your thoughts on the mass layoffs at Mozilla?
the code still exists (the open source stuff), those who have forked it and hacked it for their own ends, it means very little (maybe a breath of fresh air of all the crap they have had to compile out till now that the devs were pressured into putting into the code for profitability). Though those who were reliant upon the ecosystem as it existed under moz corp/foundation might feel very different (those employed directly, useds, etc)...
This is harsh, teams that brings the most intellectual value to the enterprise are those the most touched by those layoffs, I don't know how all of this will turn but I'm not sure we will have a good ending... ):
It's just sad what happened there. Mozilla wasn't perfect for sure but the contributions to the web and related technologies are beyond valuable. Sure, the code is open source but who will keep it up to date now? Who will keep a stance against the Blink/Webkit-Oligopole that is actually almost a monopole?
this is a really great social network. love the minimalism. i might even enjoy it more than Mastodon... :thinking: now if only there were more people.
There's plenty of great people here unlike some other places.
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