John Olinda Been very impressed with Windows 10 so far, although there are still some rough edges. Cortana totally feels like the future when I can just casually ask questions without stopping my work away from the keyboard.
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Asko Cortana was lagging like hell for me. Even searching for a program I've installed, such as photoshop, took forever.
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John Olinda Yeah after installing the newest preview yesterday it has gotten much more laggy for me as well. I'm curious too how it will gather certain data if Windows Phone is going away. Seems like having the phone would really expand the possible applications of it.
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Anatasof Wirapraja Makes me wonder which build Joe Belfiore used when he introduce us Windows 10 and WP10.. :/
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Mark Dain Is Edge any good? I'll give it a go once Windows 10 is out to the public
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John Olinda Yes, I was pleasantly surprised. I don't really use it because it doesn't support my extensions that I use but as a browser it works very well. Sort of how I feel about Safari I guess? One question for those of us living in Korea is if it will work with all the old IE-dependent web systems still in place. That is probably why Samsung disabled updates.
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