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Imam Susanto Anyone have tried this web framework in python? github.com/Masonit...
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🦿 Lucian Marin It seems rather complicated compared to Django or Flask.
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Kjk Wrote dbHero announcement on medium.com/dbhero-.... Trying out medium as a blog engine for the company.
Imam Susanto Is it electron-based app?
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Imam Susanto When information becomes cheap, attention becomes expensive. I agree with this website: deathtobullshit.com
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Imam Susanto As one man team in development, I never tried this "Agile" thing, but after reading this article michaelochurch.wor..., I definitely won't try this method.
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Mark Dain Wow parts of this resonate well with me. I'm a junior in an Agile/Scrum like company and sometimes it's hell with the constant churn. I wonder how development works in companies that don't use these methods?
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💬 Subreply Are you referring to Sublevel?
Imam Susanto No, Mostly so-called media/informational website that applying clickbait headlines.
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Imam Susanto Somehow, I really hate website that seeking attention rather than giving information.
💬 Subreply Are you referring to Sublevel?
😀 Tom I agree. What website are you referring to so I can make sure to avoid it?
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