Eric Why would Netflix release its own branded series weekly (The Returned)? Is this a bid to keep subscribers clinging on? I'm only still paying to see how Better Call Saul ends, after that they've lost me. Waiting for episodes is what I signed to avoid. Plus their selection sucks now. /rant
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Martijn Netflix might still be looking for relevance over here. I feel that they are just not working yet outside the U.S. On American media people go "just look up [film|series] on Netflix". I don't know about the U.K., but Netflix definitely doesn't work like that here in Sweden. The catalogue is way too limited. For us it is mainly a nostalgia tool at the moment: mom has just finished Charmed, currently watching The Nanny and Home Improvement.
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Mark Dain Better Call Saul is a little boring, don't know about you. I might quit watching it. If you want an amazing TV show to watch, Shameless (US) is a really well done US remake (unlike the disaster The Inbetweeners (US) was).
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Eric It's slow but I don't mind that, now House of Cards S3 was the ultimate borefest. That season was all over the place, the original UK ending was far superior.
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Adam Douglas Netflix never appealed to me. None of the shows really looked that good. Breaking Bad was okay but I never had the time to follow it. Maybe I'm no fun, but the only TV subscription I have is Amazon Prime for unlimited access to Star Trek: Voyager. So during the nights when I can't sleep, but have nothing to so for work, I can watch the EMH reign supreme.
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