Eric Got a nice little mini-PC running CrunchBang Linux. Was going to use it for software based radio but the processor is just too poor (AMD amirite?). What's the next best thing to do with it?
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Mark Dain Old AMD? The recent ones are great! Perhaps you could upgrade it? Otherwise; home server is great. Even an external drive (USB 3) will be ok if you don't have any expansion options internally. Get something robust like a WD Black with an external closure.
Eric I honestly don't think it's that old a processor, it's a pretty new but I got the whole PC off GumTree for PS30 so it might be set up crazy wrong. I'm pretty clueless in this area, all I know is that errors are thrown whenever I try and use netcat, nmap or stream through any significant amount of data it messes up. Illegal instruction errors are thrown or significant data is lost (processor can't keep up) and the CPU shoots to 100%. Pretty annoying tbh since it's a pretty cool little box, I'll find another use for it.