🤔 David Took a break from work and messed with the gist again--I updated the textarea element to not look awkward and span the whole page. To anyone who may be using the CSS go ahead and update it if you want :) (dave_ant, digitalwestern, diff) gist.github.com/ma...
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☕ David Antoine The addition avoiding the page to zoom back to the top is appreciated, very nice. Thanks! It was pretty annoying. I'm still tuning the thing here and there ( it's starting to become an OCD ;) )... Mine looks like that : ibb.co/bXKYPpT
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🤔 David That looks great! FYI I did get the highlight to remain after hovering over the replies, although it's definitely not perfect...https://ibb.co/YjBZ7Zv || There are a few more things to fix (another one that I've fixed on my end are the small reply boxes) so once that's done I'll post another update
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💡 Diff Looks much nicer overall!
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