Zero Edge If you stared straight at a total eclipse with no protection you might burn the retina of your eyes. The burn would not be the same kind of burn you would receive from staring straight at the sun (which would be a filled circle) but instead would be a thin outline of a circle. I wonder if a person with this type of burn would have differing psychological traits than others. I wonder if they would be able to visually focus on things better than others considering they have a boundary circle permanently within their vision. I wonder if it changed the culture of peoples of ancient times if they happened stare at a total eclipse...
🦿 Lucian Marin I stared multiple times at the sun. I don't think the burn is permanent.
☕ David Antoine I hope for you... My eyesight is pretty "fragile", I've to be careful not to expose my eyes to a very concentrated bright light or I get permanent burns, which I already have. Not too bad overall, just annoying. But the apprehension is a bit stressful sometimes. LED lights are a nightmare for me. I curse them.
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