☕ David Antoine Question for devs : what programming language should a complete newbie start with ? I'm not sure I would be able to learn that. I'm not sure if my brain is "logical" enough... I'm starting to think about it. Maybe I should try, no matter how long it would take to be "proficient" enough. I love astronomy, I'd like to do program something related to that. So, what would be a good starting point ? C, C++, Python ? There are so many language...
🏒 Lucian Marin Python 3, definitely. Just make sure you install pip and then install ipython using pip. IPython will make you fall in love with the language. The first package listed under awesome-python.com... is astropy.
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☕ David Antoine I've read a lot of good things about Python, must be nice to start with. I guess I should stay with the standard cPython implementation. I've read PyPy is faster thanks to its JiT compiler but honestly it's just to start learning the language... Thanks for the link !
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Nicholas Pezolano If you are just starting, don't worry about cPython or PyPy, just the core language.
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☕ David Antoine Yes I guess that's not at all a priority right now :)
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