☕ David Antoine Question for devs : what programming language should a complete newbie start with ? I'm not sure I would be able to learn that. I'm not sure if my brain is "logical" enough... I'm starting to think about it. Maybe I should try, no matter how long it would take to be "proficient" enough. I love astronomy, I'd like to do program something related to that. So, what would be a good starting point ? C, C++, Python ? There are so many language...
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🤔 John I agree with Python. The Anaconda distribution is a good stand-alone to get started. Python lets you start without a lot of complexity of more advanced languages, and it's used in a lot of scientific stuff by people who are not computer scientists.
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Mark Dain My vote would be Go as it's easy to learn and has very few warts. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to make a GUI so it may be hard to be able to see work in progress? I'd personally advise you avoid Python. Full disclaimer here that I'm not a Python developer but from an outsider, people are still to this day using Python 2.7. I'm concerned a beginner will be frustrated when snippets of code don't work properly because they're using 3 but everyone else is still on 2.x
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🦾 Lucian Marin All Python 2 code runs on Python 3 with small changes. It's still Python at the end of the day. Why avoid Python? The community is huge and it's the perfect beginner's language. The are still unmaintained Python 2 packages, but who would want to use old code for a new project?
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☕ David Antoine Go seems very nice as well. I've read that it would be better to start with C to really grasp programing logic and memory management but it's a language harder to learn apparently and I only have spare time, that's why I'm leaning towards something more easy like Python. And honestly, I feel even Python will be hard for me...
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🦾 Lucian Marin Python 3, definitely. Just make sure you install pip and then install ipython using pip. IPython will make you fall in love with the language. The first package listed under awesome-python.com... is astropy.
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☕ David Antoine I've read a lot of good things about Python, must be nice to start with. I guess I should stay with the standard cPython implementation. I've read PyPy is faster thanks to its JiT compiler but honestly it's just to start learning the language... Thanks for the link !
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