Cole Hudson Reading about albertan secession rn, definitely possible inside the next 4 years. Seems like something the US and Canada should actively discourage by creating a special economic zone to reduce costs of Albertan access to the US market. Like an agricultural shenzen
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🗨️ Fui I'm all for secessions. City states for everyone willing!
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Cole Hudson City states aren't that great an idea, maybe a few here and there, but at the limit the complexity and costs that they introduce would lead to quite a bit of stagnation. Also, politically, a balkanized world would, at equilibrium, start to re-coalesce into larger states as happened in the past for the obvious reasons
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🚴 Aditya Do you have a good resource about this? I haven't come across it before.
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Cole Hudson Many! I first heard about it from Peter Zeihan's book: The Accidental Superpower, skip to Chapter 12. He also has a bunch of talks on the subject here: And by coincidence, today Vice published an article on the founder of the Wexit party calling for Alberta to be the 51st state: https://
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