🚌 Carl HAHAHAHAHAHA so NetFlix launched in my country but we don't have 93% of the US Content. This sucks
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🐞 Lucian Marin Same here. I made a NetFlix account two days ago. I canceled it a few hours later. I already watched all the movies they offered (like 20 Sci-Fi movies). It seems they have to buy viewing rights for each country separately.
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🚌 Carl Yeah I think so. I guess they're trying to pick up steam first before accelerating further into an area. Risky business move that could damage their reputation, I'd say.
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Mark Dain Oh that really sucks :/ I never understood copyright in this aspect, can you not make more money if content is available everywhere? I know money isn't everything but licensing seems to be down to just money. Perhaps someone can shed more light on this? I feel misinformed.
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