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Mark Dain home.superfish.com -- This is everything wrong with web development in a nutshell; a 3 line static page has **26** JavaScript files, 14 Images, 3 CSS and a lot of other junk too like XHR calls... Words can't even describe the bloat.
Anth It's like a game, but I don't know if it's scored like golf or bowling. My 1-line homepage has 0 javascript files, 0 images, 0 CSS, and no xhr, and I'm pretty sure the source fits in a post here. It also has zero information, but whatever. :-)
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Mark Dain What are you implying? I'm very happy with Linode so I won't switch just to play with OpenBSD. It's a shame as they don't seem to be interested in supporting it. I hear a lot of good things being said about OpenBSD, it seems to be more secure than Linux (e.g. LibreSSL)
Anth Also, no reason to "switch". If you want to play, you can get an additional account elsewhere.
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Mark Dain I'm a bit disappointed Linode doesn't support OpenBSD, I wanted to give it a try
Anth Linode, or OpenBSD? There are hosting providers that support BSD (I was just looking last week). Linode... well, it's kinda in the name. ;-)
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John Olinda Student just told me they don't know how to reboot their laptop
Anth The first time I sat down at a NeXT cube, I couldn't figure out how to turn the thing off. Spent a minute or two feeling around the back until someone said "pretend it's a Mac" and I realized the power button's on the keyboard.
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Anth So, alpha.app.net, without the app.net? :-)
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💬 Subreply With twice the characters limit and a lot more usable.
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