Mark Dain Do I even need an avatar? I'm sort of used to the shade of green I have right now. Everyone gets a random one when they make their account and it's been with me since the beginning.
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🦾 Lucian Marin I wanted to make the default avatars even nicer using a unique color scheme (3-5 colors) generated with MD5. But then I thought people won't replace them. It seems that's the case here... hmm.
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Mark Dain I figured I'd upload one but I never got round to it. Now I'm used to my shade of green. Besides it works if you have images disabled. What a dilemma. Maybe if I get my haircut I'll take a photo.
9y, 10w reply
Eric Why not randomly generated space invaderesk shapes with a colour scheme?
9y, 10w reply
Martijn Using an actual picture adds to the social aspect, I expect. Other than that it's not really that important IMHO. It's not random though: substr(md5($username),0,6).
9y, 10w 1 reply
Mark Dain I just got my hair cut so I'll think about it.
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