Mark Dain So I checked out GitLab the other day, the UI isn't a complete disaster anymore so I might give it another go. I'll probably setup GitHub to mirror the repos, but I just want to host my stuff elsewhere, ideally on a platform I can self host if need be.
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👽 Paul Webb I use GitLab to host all my stuff. My GitHub account is just for keeping track of repos I favorite. I decided to do this about a year ago or so and since then, GitHub's made plans better but MEH. I love having ownership over my repos (and my server is automatically backed up).
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John Olinda I actually like it less now than I used to. There are so many options, features, and knobs that it's overwhelming when all you want is a simple Git repo. I like that it's a little further off the beaten path, but for my current projects it's just too complex.
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Mark Dain I'd say it's reaching feature parity with GitHub, e.g. they recently added GPG key verification, although it doesn't quite work as well as on GitHub. This is something most can ignore, so all the new features are great for those who use more obscure Git features like GPG signing.
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