Mark Dain I'm really starting to like LaTeX since I started playing with it last weekend.
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Nkrs It really starts to pay off once you take advantage of the libraries and methods. I'm keeping my thesis in sync with the source code of the accompanying program because the .tex file is linked directly to the source file. It takes only a couple of seconds to rebuild the PDF file, mostly because it is doing syntax highlighting for an 800 line program.
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Mark Dain Huh that's interesting - can you explain? Do you embed source code in the document with syntax highlighting? That sounds pretty cool. I'd like to be able to include graphs, maybe as an image from gnuplot but I know you can do some shapes like chemical structures directly in LaTeX. It's a really awesome system!
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Eric I used it to produce reports towards the end of this past academic year, great stuff if a little verbose at time (coming from Markdown).
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