Mark Dain macOS tip I just found out about: you can in System Preferences > Keyboard > Modified Keys... change caps lock, among others, to do other actions like escape. You can also disable it. I'd reccomend Caps Lock either be disabled (just use shift) or mapped to Escape for Vim or Control for easier terminal use.
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John Olinda Is the ability to map it to Escape built right into 10.12? I've remapped it to Command in 10.11, but mapping it to Escape used to require an external tool.
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Mark Dain I see Escape on the drop down as an option. I'm using the latest macOS, so it may have been added recently. Possibly to address the lack of a physical Escape key on recent MacBook Pros (TouchBar models)
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🦿 Lucian Marin I mapped Cap Lock to Control because "ctrl" key is very tiny on the international keyboard.
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