Mark Dain So I decided to replay Skyrim the other day as I haven't played it in ages and at some point they released a special edition with better graphics. Just for "fun", I decided why not play it on legendary difficulty (highest). Do you want a single wolf to take you down with 2 bites? Because that's how you do it. Legendary difficulty is unreasonably hard.
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Martijn I really wish Skyrim (or really, any Elder Scrolls game) ran natively on mac. I love RPGs that can take a couple 100 hours out of my life.
Kodo elder scrolls online runs on mac
😀 Tom To be fair, I think most people in real life could be taken down by a wolf in two bites. Games where you can get shot 10 times and still run aren't as realiatic, but they are more fun.
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Mark Dain Yeah, that's a good point. I'm now on level 5, still getting my ass kicked by humans but I can at least hold up to a small group of wolves (at-most 2, maybe 3 with lots of running around and healing magic). It does make the game feel a bit more balanced and realistic
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