Mark Dain Does anyone know of text-to-speech synthesis with a southern accent? I was only able to find 1 for macOS: (hit demo, and select "Dallas" as the voice). Unfortunately he sounds very robotic. Are there any that sound more realistic?
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👽 Paul Webb Damn, that sucks! Just tried the demo, he definitely sounds more robotic than Southern.
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🦾 Lucian Marin There are plenty of realistic system voices available for download on macOS. Did you tried them all? They are under Accessibility > Speech > System Voice > Customize...
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Mark Dain I think you may have missed what I was getting at. There's 6 American Male voices that come with macOS; Alex and Tom both sound the best with Alex being the default Mac voice everyone recognizes. However you can also get other accents for English; Australian, Indian, Irish, Scottish, South African and British (Daniel, Oliver). What I'm looking for is Southern American; the kind of accent you find in the deep south. I did find one company (Cepstral) that makes a text-to-speech with that accent (he's called Dallas) but it costs $45 and for the price is very robotic.
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