Adam Douglas Just chilling in Vilnius while my wife visits her parents. Happened to notice that the iPhone isn't really advertised on TV (compared to UK, where it's advertised all the time). In general there seems to be a big preference for Samsung devices, and generally for Android devices. Any reason why? I don't think it can be the price, since the S7 is like 700EUR
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🐞 Lucian Marin Samsung has a bigger marketing budget than Apple in these countries. That's all.
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Martijn I'll have to keep an eye out, but I can't really remember any ads run by Samsung either.
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Martijn Apple doesn't seem to run ads, at all, in mainland Europe. At least I have never seen it on TV in Sweden, Germany, or the Netherlands. Instead carriers have ads for their networks and sometimes pitch in a "get phone X free with subscription Y". This is done with new phones most of the time. The S7 was released this month, the iPhone was released half a year ago.
🌈 Thomas Rosen I'm from Germany. Here Apple runs a campaign, each year, short after the release. At the end of every spot, the logo of the carrier, who sponsored the ad is shown.
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