An engineer by day, a web designer/developer by night and a photographer in between.
Adia S. Hello, is this platform still alive?
🐞 Lucian Marin Yes, pretty much alive.
😀 Tom I've been laying off social media for a while. I never agreed to Facebook's new terms. I do find myself wanting to post random thoughts more often, but would like to so more anonymously.
5y, 38w reply
Adia S. Which is the best notes app on Android? I've been using Google Keep, but I'm looking for better alternatives.
🐞 Lucian Marin Simplenote is the best note taking app on any platform.
8y, 3d reply
Adia S. Current gadget obsession: Google's Pixel Chromebook and Pixel C. I'm contemplating on the Android tablet though, since my OnePlus One is a capable device already. Using the Chrome OS, however, is something I gotta think about.
😀 Tom I don't know much about the Android tablet marletplace, but I own a Nexus 7 and love it. From what I hear, Nexus 7 tablets are still the way to go even though they are discontinued.
Xasasfdasfd I'm currently running GalliumOS on a Lenovo Chromebook. Works great. Not optimized for tablets though. Also have Android on a Nexus 7, use that for some light ham radio work.
7y, 52w reply