Zero Edge For a while now whenever I do a project around the house I try to think of if I could envision a humanoid robot performing this task. A lot of times the answer is no. The human body has trillions of "sensors" such as nerves etc, that help us perform tasks. Robots of today have very few in comparison. You would think a robot that is at "95%" is good but the reality is that last 5% is going to be much much harder to achieve than the 95% before it. I think we are a long long away from a truly functional humanoid robot the way we see in movies. I think for most use cases a specialized robot is better than a humanoid robot.
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🦿 Lucian Marin Do we really need them? Even if we get humanoid robots, who will repair them? Will they repair themselves? What will be the cost? Will they be more cost effective than a human to eats and sleeps? Will they be able to communicate and create together like humans do?