🦿 Lucian Marin The zombie with arthritis walked 16 km today. Sports supplements like carnitine and creatine seems to help me better than anything else that flies around on groups and forums. FQs aren't antibiotics, they are chemotherapeutic agents. It's really hard to live with broken mitochondria and oxidative stress.
Zero Edge The human brain is so stupid sometimes.. Why even process pain when there is nothing that can be done for it? I get it.. its a signal to tell you something is wrong but there's a huge host of things you cannot do anything to remedy so the pain is a pointless notification. Wish we could program our brains to tune out useless notifications. Sorry bout all this bad stuff man. In the past since I don't like to take pain killers I did have some success overloading myself with stimuli (notifications) which made my brain ignore some of the pain.. Things like holding a full bladder, while maintaining other stimuli sensations.. random sorry
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🦿 Lucian Marin If you want to generate new mitochondria, just be happy. youtube.com/watch?...
Zero Edge Not smart enough to solve the underlining problem but pain is a mental trigger.. If we had better understanding of the brain we could solve most things related to the body.