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Ritardando One of the most successful moderation policies I have seen is, "don't be retarded." Everyone knows what it means, nobody sympathizes with people who run afoul of it, and the incentives align.
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Ritardando Further, the reason sites like Gab and Parler were a race to the bottom was because moderators won't take personal ownership and feel they need policies and rules, but when you make something, you don't need that shit, it's yours and people are lucky to fucking use it. Someone crosses the line, you make an example. Far right/left people only proliferate under weak leadership.
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Ritardando So, this board. the reason it's not going to grow is because nobody wants to be around someone who self identifies as a piece of shit. What kills communities is people focusing on their rights and not their responsibilities. Setting the bar that you have to tolerate a piece of shit as a signal isn't worth it. I don't have the energy to protect people who are liabilities to themselves and others. You know who you are.
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😃 Javier Is there is such thing as national US news site that is not politically biased?
Ritardando It is more useful to read news that wears its bias on its sleeve. I know that Zerohedge is %90 bullshit, but they are fast and when they get it right, they get it better than anyone, and you can tell what's true. The Financial Times and the Guardian try to hide their bias, which means that %99+ is bullshit because even when they're right, they're still lying about their skew.
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Dan Heath Could enterprise learn to act like a small business by changing its approach to its tooling?
Ritardando Arguably, no. Enterprises are mainly political orgs designed to manage problems or administer services, and not solve them. SMBs and startups are even separate, where SMBs are usually services delivery heavy, where a startup is a product company focused on growth. You developing a product?
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Dan Heath Who can share an example of technology initially used in a personal context which has shifted into a business/enterprise environment?
Ritardando IRC is now Slack. BYOD everything. Enterprise is different from business, as enterprise is basically bureaucracy/institution, where business includes startups and SMBs. The entire security market originated in personal hacking tools, etc.
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Ritardando Sailors on this board, do you think the ARC will be on this year, or are you planning any trips? (worldcruising.com/...)
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📀 Rob What do you guys know about fitness? How does someone get "celebrity" fit?
Ritardando Lift heavy and then diet. Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. All celebrities have personal trainers, so being 90th percentile in fitness without education is going to be super hard. You could do it yourself, but if you are serious, budget $10k and 18 months.
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🧉 Martin So, what's everyone up to today? In my remaining few months of "funemployment", I'm working on a language-learning app idea and hoping to get something out there before I run out of time.
Ritardando Learning DGraph after developing with Neo4J
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