Bugabinga How much effort do other IT professionals spend on their own home network infrastructure? As a developer, I roughly know what *should* be done, but find it mostly overwhelming in terms of time and effort.
Randoming Yeah developer too. I moved house a few months ago and still haven't configured my very nice DD-WRT enabled router(mostly for network-wide VPN support) with my ISP, just using the crappy one that came with the internet...
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Bugabinga At least disable UPNP ;) I plan to play around with OpenBSD on a PINE64. It is clearly even more effort to start learning yet another thing, but (at least looking from the outside) the OpenBSD seems to manage change carefully, so hopefully knowledge is useful longer term. But it also seems to rely on a lot of implicit knowledge, so I`ll see if the hurdle is to big...
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Randoming Ah yes, UPNP is immediately disabled(thankfully unchecking a box isn't beyond my laziness :) ). I haven't played with OpenBSD in quite some time, it was pretty neat but couldn't replace my desktop setup, a small little device running all the time makes a lot more sense.
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