😾 Oskar Is Starlink only made to broaden customer base for Internet-based services across the scale, world? Streaming, sales, data. If yes, how much is an untapped Internet economy worth to make it all viable?
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☕ David Antoine Up to 60 or 65 degrees north/south I think. Initially. There is probably a big potential, huge part of land aren't covered yet or are badly provided. It will probably also encounter resistance from local/national providers. Here in Belgium I wouldn't be surprised if Starlink terminals aren't allowed to be sold or satellites not allowed to use ground relays. Though it seems difficult to prohibit that, the country is small. Will be interesting to see how it will pan out...
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😾 Oskar I work fine with 3G in sparsely populated (by people and cell phone towers) area in Poland. I just can't stream video from services like netflix/hbo, beyond that, i get 1-2mb/s download which is... enough. I just wonder how big of a pivot Starlink have as a backup if this doesn't pan out.
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