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Nick Noble Dang it still works!
Nick Noble Halt and catch fire finale !
Nick Noble Just watched the grand Budapest hotel. What a gorgeous film
Jamie Wilson I really wish I had seen that twice in the theater. It was so good!
🏒 Lucian Marin Fast Company pointed out five reasons why it is gorgeous.
👽 Massimo that's the beauty of it! go to any page, upload pictures. if you want one for yourself, make an obscure uri
Nick Noble Aha! That's awesome.
Nick Noble Nothing like a well thought out product to keep you up at night
👽 Massimo no branding at all, no sign ups. home page is just another image depot (they're called image depots)
Nick Noble Then how do you get one?
Nick Noble does Moss actually exist? Like could I install it on something?
🏒 Lucian Marin It's was a concept. Now trying to bring that concept in other form factors like Sublevel, Monochrome, etc.
🏒 Lucian Marin There's a prototype for better profiles on Sublevel. But none of the solutions are perfect, so we're sticking we what we got.
Nick Noble I have some UX suggestions if you want 'em!
🏒 Lucian Marin It's more like a concept: design first, programming second. I set the right amount of constrains to make conversations more meaningful. Then hack around those constrains until everything fits.
Nick Noble That is so awesome. Lean to the max. I love the way it looks, no frills, all function, still sexy.
👽 Massimo website idea: anybody can enter in a URI (ANY URI, like and on each unique URI is a stream of photos uploaded by anyone. just a wall of photos with no dates, titles, etc, sorted by date added. i can't decide if there's going to be a chat in the corner (where everyone is anonymous and only differentiated by colored text) or not
Nick Noble I dig it, no branding or anything either? It's cool cause if people saw `` it was just photos, but then instinctively go to `` where they can see what it's about and sign up.
Nick Noble This is pretty freaking sexy