Martijn Anyone dare comment? "Windows 10 is like a good woman, looks great, works well, but doesn't make any sense."
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Eric Lol, what do you mean by works well? My immature mind is jumping to things
8y, 17w 1 reply
Martijn I have no idea, just read it somewhere and thought I'd ask the only place where I know people have installed Windows 10: Sublevel.
8y, 17w reply
Asko Coming from win7 I'd say it makes a lot of sense. Sometimes the search doesn't want to find some things, I've noticed lately, and maybe the folder organization defaulting to the "Quick access" is a bit odd, also maybe I click on task view accidentally too much when wanting to search, and the start menu "all apps" thing doesn't have a search, but weird alphabetical listing like in phone contacts ... but regardless of all that, it's pretty sweet.
8y, 17w reply
Mark Dain Makes more sense than Windows 8
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